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You know anxiety is running your life when much of your day is spent worrying, checking, or planning for catastrophe. Whether anxiety symptoms are a new experience or a lifetime struggle, we can help you to learn to cope and get at the root of your anxious thinking.

Identity And
Self Esteem

Feeling confused or uncomfortable about who we are can disrupt many areas of life. It causes people to hide parts of themselves from others. You deserve to navigate your life with the confidence of knowing you are a complex person who has unique strengths, a variety of interests, and valuable opinions. We can help you to explore the intersections of your identity, clarify your values, and strengthen your esteem.

Relationship Issues

When our close relationships are disrupted with conflict, anxiety, or disconnect; it is hard to feel at peace. Whether you are struggling to reconnect with a loved one, recover from heartbreak, or deciding to stay or go, we can help.

Bipolar Disorder

Living with bipolar disorder can feel like a rollercoaster. It can be hard to predict the swings between feeling on top of the world to wanting to hide from the world. While prediction is difficult, symptoms can be managed through support from a therapist that can walk you through applying evidence-based treatment methods to your life.


(open relationships, polyamory, etc.)

We provide both individual and couples counseling sessions for people engaging (or thinking about engaging!) in consensual non-monogamy. You deserve quality care from a clinician who is informed about alternative relationship structures. Book a consultation today!